Photo of carsharing vehicle with WeCar logo

Welcome to the USF-WeCar carsharing program


Carsharing provides flexible transportation for the USF campus lifestyle. With many options available such as USF's Bull Runner and USF U-Pass program with HART, you don't need to bring a car to campus. USF WeCar provides instant-access to a pool of four hybrid cars on USF's Tampa campus, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days per week. You get a low hourly rate, without commitment or inconvenience.

Carsharing is as EASY as checking your email,as CONVENIENT as your own reserved parking space, as AFFORDABLE as a movie ticket, and FREES you from the CAR HABIT.

There are 3 vehicles on the USF campus now. Two vehicles in Lot 5a - Marshall Center and one Chevy Sonic in Lot 8b - across from Juniper and Poplar dorms. The price of gas and basic liability insurance are included in the hourly fee if you are over 21.


Q1. Why don't I just rent a car by the day instead of using a WeCar? Wouldn't it be cheaper to rent by the day?

A1. There are several reasons why the WeCar may be the best - and sometimes only – option for some people:

1) If you are 21 to 24 years old, you are going to pay an underage fee of anywhere from $10/day to $30/day in addition to the daily rate of a vehicle. This will bring your daily rate up anywhere from 30% to 100% higher.

2) The rates on rental cars vary throughout the year. During the peak season in Florida, Thanksgiving through Easter, you will not find a vehicle for under $75 per day. During the off-peak season, you can find cars for $30/day but that period usually runs May to October and for a big chunk of that period the student’s aren’t even on campus

3) The WeCar has a designated parking spot on campus at all times. So with a rental car, you also bring on the additional cost of parking on campus which adds an additional cost to a traditional rental

4) You CANNOT rent a vehicle if you are under the age of 21 at any rental car company, where with WeCar you only need to be over the age of 18. (See Q2 below).

5) If you are over 21, your insurance is included in the rental of the WeCar. If you were to rent a traditional rental vehicle, the same amount of insurance coverage could cost anywhere from $15 to $30 per day extra.

6) The WeCar includes 200 free miles per rental and this includes your gas. If you rent a vehicle, you will have to pay for gas which lets say you drive 200 miles at an average of 30 miles per gallon will cost you $15 in gas. So when we do an actual cost analysis of the two products:

WeCar - $8.50 per hour or $70 per day versus Traditional Rental - $30 per day + $15 per day underage fee + $5 parking pass per day + $20 per day for insurance + $15 for gas (based on 200 miles) = $85 per day

Just doing a quick overview, you can see all the cost benefits of using a WeCar over a traditional rental vehicle.

Q2. I'm under 21. Can I use a WeCar?

A2. Yes! WeCar membership is available to persons 18 years of age or older. Physical Damage/Liability Protection is available for members 18-20 years old who do not have their own insurance. WeCar will extend liability protection up to the state minimum required amount. Physical Damage Waiver: Member pays the first $1000 of any damage.

Q3. Does WeCar provide Physical Damage/Liability Protection for members ages 21 and over?

A3. Yes! WeCar will extend liability protection up to the state minimum required amount. Physical Damage Waiver: Member pays the first $1000 of any damage.

Q4. I think some students and faculty in our department would be interested in learning more about WeCar. Would you be available to give a brief presentation to our group?

A4: WeCar representatives would be happy to meet with departments or student groups to explain the program. WeCar can even enroll those interested onsite. Please email to arrange a meeting.

Learn more about WeCar then sign up for the carsharing program.

Fees and Rates (subject to change)

  • One Time Application Fee - $20 Waived!
  • Annual Membership Fee - $50 $35 (30% off)
  • $8.50 per hour or $70 per day for the Ford Focus & Chevy Sonic
  • $30.00 overnight (8 pm to 8 am)
  • $0.25/mile over 200 miles

All rates are set by WeCar. For the official details, please go here to read more about WeCar on the USF Tampa campus.